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Disasterpieces - SIGNED book

Disasterpieces - SIGNED book

Special package comes with:

*One paperback copy of DISASTERPIECES signed by Wesley Southard. If you'd like it personalized, just add that in the NOTES at checkout. Also includes bookplate signed by Wile E. Young.

Book Description:

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as intimate as a house fire. As unpredictable as a sinkhole. As random as a car crash. Or as overwhelming as a landslide.

But what about the bigger ones? The ones that can affect hundreds―if not thousands―of people all at once. The ones that trigger wide-spread destruction and disorder. That push ordinary individuals to their limits, forcing them to rise above the devastation…or drown in the disarray and hysteria.

Award-winning authors Wesley Southard and Wile E. Young bring you “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “Rivers of Mercy”, two brand new novellas of natural and man-made catastrophes, and the fateful souls thrust into their unpredictable chaos.

Disasterpieces… The damage isn’t the only thing to be frightened of…