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The Betrayed - SIGNED Book

The Betrayed - SIGNED Book

The brand new author's preferred edition of my debut novel

This package includes:

*One paperback copy of THE BETRAYED signed by Wesley Southard. If you'd like it personalized, just add that in the NOTES at checkout.

Book Description:

How well do you know the people around you?

Your neighbors? Your coworkers?



Sidney Jameson, a young single father just trying to make ends meet, is being followed. They keep to the shadows, quiet and cloaked in dirty brown robes...and they're getting closer. And what they have to tell Sidney is something terrible. Something he never knew about his past. Something he didn't want to know about his future.

The war between Heaven and Hell is the world's oldest story. Lucifer turned his back on Heaven, and God eternally cast him and his faithful to the fiery depths of Hell. Everyone knows the take...or do we? There's only a few hours left before his twenty-fifth birthday, and with the aide of The Dark One Himself, Sidney will discover his place in the battle for humanity, and how only he can stop it once and for all.

There's only one problem. The rest of the world is trying to stop him.