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Try Again - SIGNED paperback

Try Again - SIGNED paperback

This package includes:

*One paperback copy of TRY AGAIN signed by Wesley Southard. If you'd like it personalized, just add that in the NOTES at checkout.

Book Description:

After an exhausting day at work and a run-in with an obnoxious loudmouth at the gym, all Robin Bellamy wants is to go home and unwind with her father. But when she reaches their house, she discovers something is very wrong. Several armed men appear to be waiting inside, and they’re threatening her father’s life. However, there’s a bigger problem:

The house itself won’t let her in.

After trying numerous times, Robin realizes there may only be one right way into her own home. Can she uncover the correct route in and through the house before the trespassers even know she’s there? Or will she be doomed to repeat the tedious process over and over and over again…